About Amarei

Our company started indoor furniture. We mainly work with Teak wooden furniture but also supply Mindi wooden furniture, natural woven chairs and sofa's, art glass works and other home decoration. All modeling in our website is from AMAREI, but for our business we always welcome the input, ideas or models from the customer.


Our teak furniture is produced by semi machinery and handmade production. This gives a unique look to each item made by Indonesian carpenters.
For our wood we use recycled teak coming from old railroads and broken down houses and we use new plantation wood coming from the state-run forestry department, "Perum Perhutani".
Teak is one of the worlds most durable and stable woods that can stand to any effects of nature, such as hot sun, rain, frost and snow. Because teak furniture is a natural material, daily changes in temperature and humidity affects the cells in the wood and creates natural shrinking and expanding. Therefore we respect correct lamination, glue and floating systems that make this natural shrinking-expanding process possible also when our goods arrive at the final customer.


The first plantations of Javanese Teak were planted by the Dutch in 1800's, as a colonial power at the time, on the island of Java Indonesia. Now the plantations are owned by Perum Perhutani as an Indonesian government agency that is in control of teak farms allowing the cutting of trees and the reforestation.


Mindi wood is a semi soft wood with a beautiful grain. It needs finishing because by nature it has a white reddish look. It is easy to handle in production and comes from various Mindi plantations around the Java Island.


Natural woven chairs and sofas are a well known and famous product from Indonesia. We can supply many different sorts of materials like Rattan, Peel, 2mm Wicker, Water Hyacinth, Croco, Banana and Loom. Combinations with wood, metal, woven plastics etc are possible.


In 2006 we started to supply art glass works. These items are unique and when added to your furniture this will give a designer look to your living-, bed- or bathroom.


Well known are the Balinese handicraft, but also Java has many craftworks to offer. Together with our customers we can look for specific wishes from both Islands.


For our furniture we normally pack our teak cabinets in foam first, then single face and then thick carton in top, bottom and all corners. Finally we use the strong plastic ribbon around the box and single face. For all knock down tables and Mindi furniture we usually have full box packaging with inside protection. For these and all our other products we can communicate packaging with the customer.


Our Indonesian products are free from children exploitation, because it is protected by the law of the Indonesian Department of labor. -